We believe freedom is a basic human right. No one should have to live in fear and no one should ever be "owned" by anyone else. We won't stand for this injustice and we hope you won't ether.

All funds raised will be going to Defend Dignity (dD) and the incredible work they do. Our goal is to raise awareness and $25,000 in funds as we bike across our great country. The first $10,000 we raise will go directly to their survivors fund; created to assist organizations and churches in coming along side survivors of the sex trade.

We started our journey in Vancouver on June 6th, and if all goes well we'll arrive at St. John's Newfoundland on August 14.

Luke Wahl - Coordinator/Rider
God has placed a passion in me to help those who are oppressed for sexual purposes. I am excited to see what God does with Basic, and I look forward to the journey. I recently graduated with a diploma in criminal justice, which I plan to use to further pursue justice for those who are being exploited. I enjoy most sports and music (country is a stretch for me though), and spending time with buddies. I really enjoy travelling, and I haven't seen the east coast of Canada yet, so I can't wait to stand in the Atlantic Ocean at our journeys end.

Dominic Mayhew - Rider
Justice. God’s redemptive work in the world. The outdoors. A drive for excellence. These four passions of mine made joining the BASIC team an easy choice. As a bachelor of ministry student at Ambrose University, I am committed to joining God’s mission in bringing holistic redemption and healing to individuals, communities, and the world. I have always loved exploring, exercising, and competing in the outdoors, so the thought of getting to bike across Canada with some of my best friends regularly leaves me daydreaming for extended periods of time. I hope that BASIC will demonstrate a genuine love for all people—particularly those who are exploited by human trafficking—and I hope that we make some memories that we will never forget.

Ryan McAuley - Rider
I first heard about human trafficking as an adult at a local church event detailing the work done by various organizations in response to the issue. I was immediately floored and amazed that such a horrible injustice existed, and vowed I would find a way at some point to do something to combat the issue. More than anything, the reality that men were exploiting women for their own personal and perverse motives shook me.

As time went on I learned more and more about the heart of the issue, and understood that I was a part of the issue as well. I realized that the burden was especially on men to rise up against the issue, because men are in large part the cause. It has been a journey for me to understand that exploitation of women and children takes place on a much broader scale than only through slavery, and that the heart of the issue really comes from a deep societal ache in North America and across the globe.

A large part of my employment has been with children and youth. The idea of them being exploited is something that is truly impossible for me to imagine; yet it happens every day. The journey for me has come full circle. Finally, I have the opportunity to do my small part to combat what I consider a great evil in the world today. And I realize that the journey towards abolishment of human enslavement starts with me, and with you.

Matthew Wright - Primary Support Vehicle Driver
I have a huge passion and love for kids. I worked with them for 8 years at a before and after school care program and loved just about every minute of it. When I heard about kids as young as 11 being trafficked for sex in my own country I couldn't handle it. I was and am extremely appalled at such evil and committed to do something, anything, to help bring it to an end. I'm really excited to be a part of this and I'm pretty pumped to see the good God brings out of it.